Briac Pilpré
Web programmer and designer.
Isabelle Hernandez
Content editor and style advisor.
Eric Cholet, Sylvain Lhullier, Stéphane Payrard
Dynamic web site designers and programmers.
Olivier Poitrey
Editor of the proceedings.
David Elbez, David Rigaudiere, David Landgren
Things Davids usually do: sponsors, hotels, communication.
Jean Forget
Philippe 'BooK' Bruhat

Incidentally, why pink?

This comes from a silly bet during the YAPC::Europe 2002 auction between London.pm and Philippe 'PinK' Bruhat from Paris.pm. This bet involved YAPC::Europe 2003 official staff T-shirt color.

The English won (for €100) and lo, pink was chosen. Hence the overwhelming pinkishness of this site (*sigh*).


We simply could not get rid of it... The Coming soon page.

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