Win32::OLE and Spreadsheet::WriteExcel To The Rescue

By Ettore Vecchione
Lightning talk

John Cabot University is a small yet growing Liberal Arts College
located in Rome, Italy. Traditionally, its Professor/Course
evaluations have been a paper-based affair. With ever increasing
enrollment numbers, Administrative staff in charge of doing all the
calucations using Excel and re-typing written comments in Word found
themselves spending well over 4 to 6 weeks--a taxing affair on
Administrative processes. The Professor/Course Evaluation developed
using Perl's Win32::OLE, SpreadSheet::WriteExcel and modules
has automated the entire process and reduced 4 to 6 weeks of work to
no more than 15 minutes of number and text crunching (i.e. 115 Excel
worksheets/115 Word comment files).

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