Inline Skating can save Perl

By Rafiq Ismail
Lightning talk

In the financial sector where heavily licensed products are sold for huge
sums of money and support for Perl API's is at best minimal, traditonal
developers often seek to phase out languages such as Perl in an effort to
consolidate the whole universe into a unified package of C API's. The
fight to preserve development in Perl can, for some of us, seem very
futile against the onslaught of these Traditonalists. Inline::C offers a
speedy and simple interface, accessible to all levels of C/Perl developer;
this enables quick development of perl sister-API's which, in the face of
deadlines, 'WILL' get used. This talk demonstrates the ease with which
one such 'simple' Inline::C interface has allowed legacy perl modules to
be easily adapted and perserved within a corporate bank.

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