Web Application Development using mod_perl and CPAN

Web Application Development using mod_perl and CPAN

By Thomas Klausner (‎domm‎) from Vienna.pm, Bicycle.pm
Date: Wednesday, 23 July 2003 14:15
Duration: 180 minutes

This tutorial tries to achieve 5 things:

-give you a brief overview of mod_perl, how it works, and what you
can use it for
-prove that the saying "90% of every Perl application is already
written" is true by
-showing the usage of Perl as a "glue language" between quite a bunch
of CPAN modules while at the same time
-give you an introduction to those CPAN modules (Class::DBI,
Template::Toolkit, Apache::Dispatch, Apache::AuthCookie, Mail::Box,
Imager, Apache::Text and some more)
-show a simple example application (a tool to manage roleplaying game
characters and their equipment)

The tutorial uses mod_perl 1.27, the current stable release to be used
with Apache 1.3.x. mod_perl 2.0 for Apache 2.0 is allready available
(cf. Stas Bekman's tutorial "mod_perl 2.0 by Example"), but I am
(still) not that much familiar with the new version and some of the
used modules might not work under mod_perl 2.0.

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