So Many Ways to Rome - Putting XML modules to the task

So Many Ways to Rome - Putting XML modules to the task

By mirod from
Date: Thursday, 24 July 2003 09:45
Duration: 45 minutes

The original "Ways to Rome" is an article written by Ingo Macherius in
1999. It used several of the modules available at the time to extract
the XML grammar from the XML version of the XML specification.

The task is rather simple, it consists in extracting the content of a
couple of elements, doing a little cleanup et voila!

As Ingo stopped using Perl he offered the article to the community, and
I took over maintenance in 2000. I kept on adding new examples, most of
them contributed by module authors.

This first article is available at

This year, 2 more articles, along the same principles, will be added:
converting an XML document to HTML (April 2003) and processing XML
invoices, a good example of data-oriented XML (June 2003).

The articles list modules that are appropriate for the task (and modules
that cannot be used and why), common pieces of codes used in all the
solutions, then presents the commented code, with an analysis of how fit
they are for the task and how easy the code was to write.

Each article ends with a benchmark for all the solutions.

This paper will present the articles and give the audience tools to
decide which module to use for their specific tasks, along with a good
understanding of the various processing models that exist to process

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