Network Security Tricks with Perl

Network Security Tricks with Perl

By mock from
Date: Thursday, 24 July 2003 11:45
Duration: 20 minutes

I've often used Perl to implement various network protocols as 'glue' to tie
different systems together. In doing so I have collected an interesting
bag of tricks for tightening up the security of Perl networking code which I
have yet to see discussed elsewhere or collected into one place.

Building proxys
- quick and dirty application proxys to protect bad applications you just
can't be rid of

Adding SSL
- some observations on the state of SSL and Perl, and a hack which tightens
up problems with man in the middle attacks

Making network clients conform to Mandatory Access Controls
- hacks to let your perl code work with tighter firewalls, or mandatory
access controls -- without rewriting everything

Overriding and abusing the work of others
- Several neat tricks with Net::RawIP (as time allows)

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