Managing Digital Music Collections With Perl

Managing Digital Music Collections With Perl

By Paul Mison (‎blech‎) from
Date: Thursday, 24 July 2003 17:15
Duration: 20 minutes

Many people now have large collections of digital music. However, often
their organisation and categorisation leave a lot to be desired. This
talk will cover how Perl can help you manage gigabytes of mp3 and Ogg
Vorbis files.

Topics covered will include:

* The difference between id3v1 and id3v2, which are used to store
metadata in mp3 files, the modules that can read and write each, and
the problems you might encounter

* Accessing FreeDB and other music metadata catalogues both before and
after encoding music

* Correcting bad metadata easily with small Perl scripts

* How to control and manipulate popular digital music players such as
Winamp and iTunes programmatically


Paul Mison has been a web developer (which, these days, means
Perl programmer) for eight or so years, and currently works for Fotango,
an online photo company, based in London, UK. Paul moved to the city in
2000 and quickly became involved in the London Perl Mongers, serving as
their leader for a year in 2002. He has a large collection of mp3s, and
almost as many Apple Macintoshes.

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