aADT, an extension of the framework

By Marco Masetti (‎grubert‎)
Date: Thursday, 24 July 2003 18:05
Duration: 20 minutes

eADT is a framework that helps engineering big web applications
like corporate or B2B portals. The focus is on a loose decoupling
of application workflow, logic, data modelling and presentation
layer. The framework extends the ADT framework made by Extropia
(www.extropia.com), please refer to Extropia documentation for
details on the core framework.
Key abstractions of the extended platform are the notions of tasks and
services. The presentation tear is better organized introducing the
concept of UIElement, a defined portion of the response page where
tasks live in.
The rest of the document will introduce the original framework,
will describe in details the added layers and will illustrate some commercial
applications designed around the framework.

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