SVG-based GUIs

SVG-based GUIs

By Ronan Oger
Date: Friday, 25 July 2003 09:00
Duration: 110 minutes

The tutorial would teach people how to build a simple GIS SVG web
application and would cover the following:

1st hour:
SVG Basics
Introduction to SMIL
Generatin SVG on the server
Database interaction through DBI (nominal coverage)

2nd hour:
Basic DOM-manipulation using Javascript
Basic DOM-manipulation using Perl
SVG-based application architecture

3rd hour:
Worked-through example
Construction of final product:
(requires the Adobe SVG viewer 3.0 or better with ECMA scripting support)

Perl confort level required: Intermediate - Moderate understanding of OO
Web confort level required: Intermediate - Solid understanding of http. Some
understanding of XML and HTML

This tutorial is similar to the one I presented last year at SVGOpen 2002 in
Zurich, so the bulk of the material is already done.

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