Evolution of a (quick) Solution

Evolution of a (quick) Solution

By Itzik Lerner from Israel.pm
Date: Friday, 25 July 2003 11:25
Duration: 40 minutes

How did I create a control system for a multi-center Clinical Trial for Smith & Nephew in an unbelievable short time ?

(Perl was behind me)

LifeWave ltd. Is medical-devices company who made a custom device for
Smith & Nephew a world leading in this market. A considerably
complicated multi-center clinical trial was conducted in 20 hospitals
spread around Israel with control locations in Europe.

This talk is a Walk-thru the evolution of the system from a given
starting point where a single basic system was exist to the point of
completion of the project.

At each point I show that almost every problem was solved with perl
fast and efficient.

There are technical points where I show which techniques has been used and perl code examples.

A lot of various aspects of perl was used and will be presented:

-Database: DBI, Win32::ODBC,
-System: Active Directory on Win 2000 with Perl, Interaction with Scheduler Service,
-Image Processing: Computer Vision with ImageMagick and Gimp,
-Dynamic Web Application: IIS, PerlEx, CGI
-Graph Generation: GD::Graph,
-Network Programming: Writing Sockets for Communication over GPRS cellular connection where VPN is not supported.

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