Why I am not giving a talk this year.

By Greg McCarroll (‎Greg‎) from London.pm
Date: Friday, 25 July 2003 14:30
Duration: 20 minutes

I hate giving talks, the preparation and the formality always ends up
annoying me. I always walk away from the computer instead of doing the
preparation and that means I end up not playing with my computer. So
this year I'm not going to give a talk, sure if I end up in front of a
bunch of people I might tell them about what I did instead, hey I
might even have some screen shots and cut and pastes of what I did as
well - but it definitely won't be a talk, never again! I'd guess that
I'll just use the time I would of spent preparing a talk to play with
Perl and technologies such as Jabber/Instant Messaging, Version
Control, distributed computing and object persistence, so If I am
gathered in front of a crowd of people I'm sure I will have a few
anecdotes to tell them about these subjects and Perl - but it
definitely won't be a talk!

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